Monday, August 11, 2014

Mat has arrived - don't step on it! ODGW bases, also

The mats arrived the other day - very exciting!  I have never had a decent mat on which to play, just begging and borrowing and using what's around.  I wanted something that looked a lot like the ocean in scale so that using the clear Old Dominion Game Works bases would create the right impression.  Did I succeed?
Top to bottom, a 1/2400 Panzerschiffe CL [painted], an Axis and Allied 1/1800 DD, WTJ German BC.  I think the BC will need a little widening of the water running along the ship, as these are BIG models and I like the overall size of the base. Combined with using the plastic turn gauges, I think it'll be a winner.  Very happy with the results overall.  I may put some vinyl over it to protect them and give an impression of shiny glare on the water, have to experiment.

The Corsec Engineering mats are fine quality felt.  They smoothed out very easily and have some flexibility in the fine weave.  The back is white and the edges trimmed over for durability.  I think they're very nice, altho I'd like to have a greater contrast of the white waves with the ocean - they tend to dazzle on a sunny day.  Perhaps it's a typical overcast day in the North Sea? 
White square is sun dazzle.  
Used two of these at my Savo Island re-fight on Saturday, got a lot of compliments on them.  Might be some customers in it for Jonathan at Corsec!

So with this settled and the British ships coming out, the project is looking well.  Must post on the Savo Island battle, but then will get to painting up these babies.

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