Wednesday, August 27, 2014

British Fleet Requisitions Commence!

With Jim over at War Times Journal [] announcing their new releases, I interrupted my morning at the beach house to get mine figured out and in - Jim said mine was the first order!  The new releases are:
New Release August 24: World War One - Queen Elizabeth, Iron Duke, Lion, Queen Mary, Chatham, Birmingham, Lowestoft, numerous types of "L" and "M" class British destroyers.
Which is quite an output!  For me, adhering to my desire to have one historical ship where there are differences that Jim is printing [sculpting, in the New World Order], I ended up with an order of:

4    Iron Duke 1916                        WTJ-0355146-24    $8.75    $35.00

     1/2400 Scale 8.75
5    Queen Elizabeth 1916                  WTJ-0355151-24    $9.75    $48.75
     1/2400 Scale 9.75
2    Lion 1916                             WTJ-0355158a-24   $11.25    $22.50
      1/2400 Scale 11.25
1    Queen Mary 1916                       WTJ-0355158b-24   $11.25    $11.25
     1/2400 Scale 11.25
2    Birmingham 1916                       WTJ-0355247a-24    $5.25    $10.50
     1/2400 Scale 5.25
2    Chatham 1916                          WTJ-0355246a-24    $5.25    $10.50
     1/2400 Scale 5.25
8    Laforey                               WTJ-0355317a-24    $2.25    $18.00
      1/2400 Scale 2.25
8    Laurel                                WTJ-0355317b-24    $2.25    $18.00
     1/2400 Scale 2.25
2    Legion 1917                           WTJ-0355317c-24    $2.25     $4.50
     1/2400 Scale 2.25
1    Lowestoft 1916                        WTJ-0355247b-24    $5.25     $5.25
     1/2400 Scale 5.25

Sub Total     $184.25  Shipping: U.S. & Can. - 1st Class      $10.75 Grand Total     $195.00

This brings me 9 BBs, 3 BCs, Destroyer Flotilla #3, and 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron, both DF3 and 2LCS fought at Helgoland Bight, so seemed a good team purchase.  Note that I was too lazy to try and figure out the exact ratio of Laurel's v. Legions on the internet, so ordered 8 of each.  Anyone who complains will be given the opportunity to drop out of a game.  ;)  

I think they'll give my Germans a run for their money, and I can always play to balance the forces.  Or just let chaos ensue and everyone have at it, which I may do for my initial demo games.  As they're coming up in September, I've got a bunch of work to do!

Now, some pics of these great sculpts / prints:

Just have to say that this ship is "wargasmic"!  About it, Jim says, 
"I'm proud of the Queen Elizabeth, I think most people miss the fact that they had a secondary gun temporarily staged on the focsle deck, and that's how they fought at Jutland. It was removed afterward, but there are post-Jutland photos of those (rather exposed) guns with shrapnel holes in the shields!"  Kudos to Jim for bringing forward the tech and research to indulge our fascination for ship details.




Note that "coming next" are Tiger, Indefatigable, and more DDs and Cruisers, and I definitely need the additional BCs.  As this order wiped out all my funds from the sale of my Ogre items, I'll have to get more aggressive about selling off some more game stuff.  The rest of the 40K looks to be ready to go...

Just can't wait til' these babies dock!

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