Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Design Theory & Battleships - vacuum and wet

What makes less sense here, sir: the amorphic blob ships or WWII battleship knock-off?  Tough call...

Interesting article about space battleships and BB's in general here:
SF Worldbuilding blog
It's something to keep in mind as we design and play.  Lots of questions need to be considered in both, such as "why have a BB at all?"  "How do they fight?"

Lots of these are addressed, and I'd definitely check out this article!

Still need to get back to my WWI miniatures, and I've had a request for more naval, possibly WWII.  More likely to occur given my time and calendar is a continuation of Starfire games and some WWI ship modeling.  We'll see.

Meanwhile, have a Blessed Thanksgiving, and remember to be thankful for all that we HAVE, and forget about what we lack, for just a few days.  It's good for you!