Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hindenburg follow up: The Mast Reborn!

For those of you who panicked at the presence of speculative fiction on this site, never fear - history is again here!  The WWI project continues to move forward, with WTJ British ships being spotted on the horizon [it's the big plumes of coal dust you see] and the Imperial German Scout Squadron getting repairs.

Jim at WTJ quickly moved on my preference to receive a solid mast.  He recast it with his fancy computer and showed his "highfalootinocity" by printing my battlecruiser again with great results!  See for yourself:

Hindeburg after the "great bridge incident", and...

The Hindenburg Battlecruiser repaired and...IN SPACE!!!!  Ah, if only the 2nd Reich could see her now...

Clearly, a solid job and an effective sculpt.  The tripod mast is plenty close enough together to not even notice that there is/isn't three legs to it, and my dip/wash will shadow the space btw the legs anyway.  I expect excellent results, and am grateful to Jim at WTJ for his excellent customer service.  It may partially be that I am a particularly eager - cloying? - customer, but Jim does a great job with communication and fulfilling an obligation to the customer for a solid product [pun intended] that fulfills reasonable expectation.  So in the case of this new sculpt with an experimentally fragile mast, Jim quickly made a second sculpt as well as explaining the situation and options available.  So I'm very pleased.

Of course, I'll be even more pleased when Jim lets me spend my next $100 on a British fleet!  Fortunately, I still have "gaming cash" left over from my sale of Ogre miniatures.  Even with the purchase of fancy mats!

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