Monday, November 10, 2014

British Fleet Makes Port!

Was down with the flu in September when the box arrived.  Managed to take pics of the new War Times Journal British fleet but unable to write the post.  Hopefully, the seven weeks delay is worth the wait.  

As always the ships came well packed in little bag pouches layered with large bubble wrap.  No breakage here!

Good packing and a detailed, correct shipping invoice - great service from Jim once again!

Fleet in all its glory: 9 BBs [4 Iron Duke top right, 5 Queen Elizabeth bottom right], 3 BCs [2 Lion left, 1 Queen Mary at far left], 5 CLs [2 Chatham, 2 Birmingham, 1 Lowestoft], 16 DDs [8 Laurel and 8 Laforey] and 2 ML [center left].

The BCs: 2 Lion, 1 Queen Elizabeth - can you tell the QE?

Iron Duke with ten 13.5" guns - thanks, I'll take four please!

Queen Elizabeth - 8 x 15" guns and fast as a BC - 5 Please!

Town class CL Birmingham - paired 6" guns on foredeck.

Town class CL Lowestoft - Sister ship of Birmingham with later tripod mast, 9 x 6" guns also, with pair on foredeck.

Town class CL Chatham, 1916, 8 x 6" guns

Now, the Torpedo Boat Destroyers - aka "Destroyers" or DDs, are all L-class.  They made up the 9th Destroyer Flotilla which operated with Harwich Force and were quite active, including 17 L-class DDs on the rolls during Jutland:

I couldn't find out how many had 2 or 3 funnels, so I guessed at eight of each type, which matched the ship logs for Fleet Action Imminent.  Of course, no one will be able to tell on the table but further research at Wiki says that there were four built by Yarrow, which would be the 2-funnel Laurel type.  I probably should've just asked Jim at WTJ, really.  

Most of the small ships will fight on multi-based groups anyway.  Historically, they didn't operate and maneuver independently, especially in a big ship action like Jutland.  with 3 x 4" guns their only real danger to bigger ships is their four torpedoes.  The Combat Resolution Charts for FAI indicate that 12 is enough to hit something if they survive the fire coming in on the run.  Should make for some exciting moments in games!

Laurel - Laforey class torpdeo boat destroyer, two funnels.

Laforey class torpedo boat destroyer, three funnels.

Laforey Class torpedo boat destroyer Legion as 1917 conversion into minelayer.  Note excellent details of mine racks on stern!

Well, this is a fine little fleet.  A bit short on BC, was awaiting Tiger and some Indefatigable class ships but Tiger is now out!  No pic at WTJ unfortunately.  I'll see her in the flesh soon enough after next order, however, which will include a few more German ships that are just out like the BC Seydlitz.  Very happy with all the ships.  The Germans have 9 BBs and 3 BCs, the Brits 9 BBs and 3 BCs, plus a light flotilla of 5 CL and 16 DDs.  The Germans just got three DDs sculpted at WTJ so will have to grab a bunch of them.

Now just have to figure out how to paint them...


  1. Looking excellent, I am seriously thinking that future reinforcements for my GHQ WW1 may be from WTJ.

  2. I don't see how one can go wrong here, honestly. I was seriously - SERIOUSLY - going to do GHQ for this WWI project, but I don't like the tiny pieces and also they are a bit fragile on the table. I toyed with the idea of big bases, but I just don't like them either. These have no mold lines, amazing detail, and seem quite sturdy - plus they're cheaper!

    Another job transition is in the works - good things, but have kept me away from WWI and space gaming for a bit.