Monday, November 10, 2014


Our staff would like to thank all the viewers who have visited and brought the page to 3000 views - "To Excellent!"

Well, it's quite surprising and pleasing that the page has met with so much interest from all over the world.  Why there are so many people looking in from Turkey, I can't imagine - a NATO base perhaps?  Or has tabletop ship gaming suddenly taken off socially among the emirs?  Mystery to me...

Despite the flu, I felt obligated to post P.2 of the 13 November battle report right away so as not to keep my readers hanging.  But after that I was sick a week, and only slowly recovered, it was all I could do to take pics of the new ships - no energy for posting.

Then when I recovered a tumultuous time at work began.  This occupied my time, attention and energy at the expense of my little fleet for several weeks, including all October!  That's all passed and God brought good things forward so I will be moving on in the professional journey and it is settled.  Things are now calmer and the rest of the family is in warm climes with the grands so I have time to push on with this blog.

A number of things in the works - lengthy post with pics on my British fleet, new WTJ releases, and I'm working on some campaign theory for WWI in the North Sea [complete with intrusive Admiralty and Emperors].  So check back regularly!

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