Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pre-dreadnought Project, p.2 - additional WTJ Order

"Here's the Fort...now we just need a fool."
Fuerte Niebla

Well, I'd forgotten that I wanted to fight shore batteries, and making fighting tops seemed like a lot more time spent on guesswork as to the right soft plastic to use...and then I couldn't resist some wrecks! What can I say, I hate paying for shipping and I like complete projects. And forts / batteries are key to many actions - more than most gamers want to play.

Nelson said "A ship's a fool to fight a fort" but it was done - when needed it was more decisive than a blockade, if successful. There's also the possibility of a shore party since I got extra lifeboats! I plan to make the boats on bases where they can represent additional sunk ships, or shore parties, or whatever.

Interesting to see how it all adds up. I didn't need to buy 4 shore batteries, but I want to have a more complex action at some point, including Manila and other fictional actions in the Med - there are some good rules for it in General Quarters III and I believe also in Ironclads and Ether Flyers. It also is a key part of many naval campaigns to capture a port, not sink a fleet.

Anyway, batteries, boats, tops and wrecks...it's all in here now! Just awaiting delivery at this point.

1    Shore Battery #1                      WTJ-0100781-30    $5.25     $5.25
     1/3000 Scale 5.25
1    Shore Battery #2                      WTJ-0100782-30    $3.75     $3.75
     1/3000 Scale 3.75
1    Shore Battery #3                      WTJ-0100783-30    $4.75     $4.75
     1/3000 Scale 4.75
1    Shore Battery #4                      WTJ-0100784-30    $3.25     $3.25
     1/3000 Scale 3.75
1    Extra Lifeboats                       WTJ-0100790-30    $3.75     $3.75
     1/3000 Scale 3.75
2    Fighting Tops - Large                 WTJ-0100792A-30    $2.75     $5.50
     1/3000 Scale 2.75
2    Fighting Tops - Medium                WTJ-0100792B-30    $2.25     $4.50
     1/3000 Scale 2.25
2    Fighting Tops - Small                 WTJ-0100792C-30    $2.25     $4.50
     1/3000 Scale 2.25
2    Wreck, Bow (Russian)                  WTJ-0100795A-30    $1.75     $3.50
     1/3000 Scale 1.75
1    Wreck, Capsized (Russian)             WTJ-0100795B-30    $3.25     $3.25
     1/3000 Scale 3.25
1    Wreck, Stern (Russian)                WTJ-0100795C-30    $3.25     $3.25
     1/3000 Scale 3.25
                                                   Sub Total      $45.25

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