Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Storing WoC Starfighters: Scottish Style

As I am part Scot, I reserve the right to make allusions to my thrifty side!

Got a large auction of Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Starship Battles ships, including 64 fighters and 21 class 3-1 models for $90. This was a great deal for the ships, but alas, they did not have cards. A visit to Rebel Scum and I downloaded the few cards I didn't already have - this lot was obviously someone's box purchases with lots of Commons. 

Anyway, this meant storage issues for a lot of little starfighters. I thought about my previous storage for my 1/2400 ships, and nearby on the table was a lint roller I use to dust / de-crumb the sofas, and hmmmmm.....

The result of creative solution-oriented thinking - yep, they are sideways!

Needed: JCrew shirt box taller than a B-Wing, lint roller, masking tape, about 20 minutes

Pretty simple project:

  1. Pulled fresh strips off the lint roller - they're about 6x5" pieces of masking tape. 
  2. Folded over the edges, pushed them onto box, creased the fold with my fingers. 
  3. Left some spaces as the tape is more than sticky enough to hold a starfighter model only half on it - didn't want problems breaking the stands when picking them up. 
  4. Put them in tight as I was uncertain they'd all fit, but they did just make it!

This has me pleased - I try not to spend money on things like storage unless it is very important to preserving the models / figures. A great thing about these models is they are light and durable, and that makes them easy to store and transport.

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