Saturday, April 22, 2017

Storing 1/2400 ships

I saw a post on this at TMP HERE and thought that this might be a useful answer for some people. After all this is really cheap and so far, it works. All you need is masking or painter's tape, cheap little plastic storage boxes that protect the top [if you've masts] and well, that's it.

Small desk storage drawer unit. I think someone gave it to me for free or I scavenged it.

Ships preparing for paint, mounted on popsicle sticks at the moment. You can see the masking tape under the ships to left. The numbers are the Panzerschiffe ship code.

Here, I'm holding the drawer upside-down for the pic. You can see how little tape is needed. You can also see that ship labels are immediately obvious through the clear plastic.

They can also just sit in the drawers loose - if they were going somewhere or had masts on them, I'd just use lightly crumpled plastic grocery bags to gently keep them in place. These are resin Panzerschiffe, and they aren't very delicate!

That's about it. Overall, I prefer to spend my money on game stuff, not storage!

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