Saturday, July 26, 2014

"The Ships Are In the Mail" - really!

OK, got sent a lovely teaser from Jim at WTJ saying that the ships are in the mail and a pic:

Dang - that's an amazing sight!!  The dark surface brings out the many details, so you can clearly see that the three on the left are the battlecruisers, the four top are Konig BBs, and the five bottom are 1916 Kaisers.  I got one to be my squadron commander's ship.  Special prize to whomever can tell which of the five is the Konig Albert 1916...

And amazing customer service.  Jim said he's only doing this preview b/c the line is new and I ordered one or more of every early ship!  Fun to get a bit of extra attention.

The suspense builds!!!


  1. The second Kaiser class ship from the left differs from the others (one less boat). Is that your flagship?
    Nice writeup and photos.

  2. dang, nice catch! Didn't even notice the boat. Officially, the Konig Albert has pipes on the side of the funnels. I can't tell the difference, I go by the numbers on the bottom!
    Thanks for the compliments. I'll be trying to blog every step of the way to make this useful for others observing the 100th, "We shall remember them".