Thursday, May 4, 2017

FOR SALE POST: Star Wars Fleets

Stealing a good idea from a pal, I'm going to start posting items I have for sale here, just in case the right buyer comes along. I'll try to keep everything oriented around naval / space ship gaming, of course.

First, Odyssey Slipways fleet ships 

in 1/10,000 scale, from HERE.
These are lovely scale ships, cast in resin. Very clean, easy to work with. No regrets with them as ships, I'm only selling them because my eyesight and time are more limited now, so I'm not going to finish this project. Heartbraking, as I really like them. Ah well...

They paint up easily and well. My demo presentation is a classic Star Wars ship - it was a medical frigate where Luke Skywalker got his new hand put on HERE at 46 seconds in.

Nebulon B Frigate from "The Empire Strikes Back" ending scene [ship is heading to you].
Image result for nebulon b frigate

Painting test- bottom is finished ship, including a shading, protective dip. Two above are primed in shades of grey. Bottom is a U.S. quarter, showing size [about 1.5" or 3.5cm] Easy!

Front view - lighting shows the deep sculpting - easy to paint!

Same, back view.

Back view, more flash - diminishes the depth of sculpting, but shows ship at play distance.

In the flesh with Studio Bergstrom Millenium Falcon for comparison [at 4x scale size!]:

Your fleet, presently sitting at drydock on my shelving...

Odyssey Slipways 1:10,000 scale capital ships for sale
List #, quantity of ships, type, total cost US$

  1. 3 x Nebulon B = $12.50 [one painted, two cleaned / primed, ABOVE]
  2. 2 x Nebulon B2 = $12
  3. 3 x Lancer Frigate = $10.50
  4. 4 x Corellion Gunships = $10
  5. 4 x Carrier Corvette = $10
  6. 1 x Imperial Escort Carriers = $10.25
  7. 2 x Carrack Cruisers = $10
  8. 1 x Assault Frigate A = $12.50
  9. 1 x Assault Frigate B = $12.50
  10. 1 x Imperial Enforcer = $12
  11. 1 x Imperial Interdictor = $12
  12. 1 x Flurry, Rebel Starfighter Carrier = $12
  13. 1 x Old Republic Heavy Cruiser = $11
  14. 1 x [Old Republic] Dreadnought = $11
  15. 26 ships = $202, pics of blisters / bags are HERE

Below, Wizards of the Coast Prepainted Nebulon B - it's a bit bent, but not TOO bad...

Surrounding it are the next bunch of items, cool fighters from Studio Bergstrom!

Second batch are 1:2250, or 1/4 the size of the 1:10,000, 
so in other words they are four times as big as they should be. This is good, because at 1:10,000 starfighters are almost invisible! All games exaggerate the size of the fighters in relationship to the ships, it's just necessary.

Studio Bergstrom fighters shown here with Wizards of the Coast plastic Rebel Assault Frigate [as usual, somewhat bent]. But the TIE just above and to right is my test paint job.

You can see where I was going with the look - little flights of ships at various heights.
Closeup of the Millenium Falcon in white metal

Anyway, these squadrons are from Studio Bergstrom, which is HERE.  Altogether there are 44 starfighters and 1 VERY FAMOUS tramp freighter! Why 44? In an obsessive moment, I think I watched the battle scenes from Episodes IV and VI and counted the actual ships doing the attack runs, and that's what I came up with...

  1. 1 x Millenium Falcon [cleaned and black-primed]
  2. 15 x X-wing [cleaned and white-primed]
  3. 11 x Y-wing [cleaned and white-primed]
  4. 6 x B-wing [mint metal]
  5. 12 x A-wing [mint metal]
  6. 44 fighters [@55cents] and MF [$1.70] = $26

For the opposing Imperials, shown HERE, I ended up with a nice batch of ships, including plenty of cannon fodder for the Rebels to shoot to pieces, AKA 24 TIE fighters!
  1. 24 x classic TIE fighters ["eyeballs"] [cleaned and grey-primed]
  2. 7 x TIE bombers ["dupes"]
  3. 6 x TIE advanced X1 [aka Darth Vader's fighter]
  4. 6 x TIE interceptors ["squints"]
  5. 2 x TIE experimental air superiority [sk x1?]
  6. 51 TIE types [@55 cents] = $28

From Odyssey Slipways [above]
  1. 1 x Tantive IV = $10
  2. 2 x 9 ARC starfighters = $23
  3. Total OS 1:2250 ships = $33


You may reply with a comment here with your interest, and "May the force be with you!"

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